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Biofuel from an invasive algal species

A first project of biomass use and management in invaded harbors by R. Okamurae with industrial, scientific and societal partners behind. The goal will be directed on bioenergy, bioeconomy and sustainable supply systems to achieve a climate-neutral society.

The invasive character of the species will allow us, on the one hand, (1) to play with a compositional advantage, (2) to have a large amount of biomass, (3) to reduce and restore the harmful environmental effects of the invasion per se, as well as (4) a possible containment of the species in order to prevent further spreads.

This project opens new horizons in the “Smart Bioenergy” approach towards the development of modern biomass utilization systems that are optimally harmonized with various renewable energy sources and the utilization of energy and raw materials within the blue bioeconomy.

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