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Connection to the future


The Global Society Institute initiates and promotes cultural expressions that make a sustainable and progressive global society tangible. Culture is the link to the future and, along with the economy, ecology and social issues, another pillar of sustainability.

Initiating and promoting

If sustainability is to be successful, sustainable action must not be limited to a few years, but must become a "custom". Just as celebrating the beginning of spring is part of the customs of peoples, sustainability must also become an integral part of collective action over generations. In this process, art has an essential role. Social issues have always been discussed in art. Through amplification, distortion, dramatisation, we approach the issues of life in different ways. All important changes in society have their echoes in art. Socio-political visions get their expression through art, are made comprehensible in pictures, anticipated or acted out in plays, and again and again the essence is made visible out of the mixed. Artistic interventions can provide impulses in all areas of sustainability, overcome stagnation and break up encrusted thinking. By dealing with the same fundamental questions over and over again, a concatenation in temporal and spatial form emerges: the web from which culture is woven. By weaving the pattern of sustainability into this dress, we shape the change of the world.

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