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The Global Society Institute (GSI) provides the knowledge and skills to actively participate in shaping our global society.  GSI is actively engaged in the global educational struggle against disinformation and views business as a means of creating value for the people of a society rather than primarily maximizing profit.

Special focus is given to the education of tomorrow's managers who are empowered to lead their organizations with a clear awareness of social responsibility and sustainability. The institute's educational programs are designed to provide the necessary skills and knowledge for successful transformation projects and startups, thus contributing to social success. In doing so, the Institute places particular emphasis on networking and interlinking across different social sectors in order to promote a holistic understanding and comprehensive approach to global challenges.

In this regard, the Global Society Institute has three focal points:

SDG Scholarship - Supporting Sustainable Projects
in the Global South

GSI supports the International Sustainability Academy (ISA), a 9-month fellowship program that brings together up to 13 sustainably engaged young professionals from emerging economies in Hamburg to work and live together, conduct research on an individual sustainable project, and participate in joint ISA workshops and group activities. For the research and practical experience, the fellows need selected research centers and universities as well as companies or institutions where they can gain valuable experience. There, the GSI will contribute their expertise and actively support them. Also for the ISA ALUMNI NETWORK, the interactive platform for the alumni, GSI becomes active and supports the search for potential partners and investors, which are necessary for the successful implementation of the ISA projects in the home countries.

Master of Science in Business with a focus on Sustainable Management

In collaboration with Steinbeis University, a Master of Science program in Business with a specialization in Sustainable Management is offered, designed for the managers, executives, and innovators of the future. Sustainability has gained importance worldwide, and industries and organizations are expected to recognize and manage their impacts on the economy, society, and the environment. This master's program, with a focus on Sustainable Management, centers on the intersection of business and sustainability, providing students with essential knowledge to help ensure the future sustainability of their companies. By combining a strong foundation in business administration with a deep understanding of various sustainability issues within the specialization, including legal regulations related to sustainability, it develops the capability to devise strategic and operational concepts for promoting sustainability in companies, whether as a leader or in building your own sustainable start-up.

Global Society Day
"My role in the future society"

Global Society Day is an interactive event for recognizing one's own individual and organizational roles in global society. With the guiding question "What function can I or my organization take in the future global society? What is my place in this society? What is my significance?" the event puts a clear focus on the social relevance and impact of the participating individuals and organizations. This day serves as a beacon to recognize and actively shape the impact of one's activities on global society. The interactive portion of Global Society Day includes a range of activities, including panel discussions, group work, workshops, and keynote presentations. Topics covered during the event include changes in global society, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Agenda 2030, global education and access to global knowledge through artificial intelligence, and addressing misinformation. A closing statement will include statements and action items from participating individuals and organizations, as well as articulate requirements for various sectors such as policy, research, and society. This event offers a unique opportunity to reflect together and actively participate in shaping our global society.

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