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Concepts for a future-responsible economy

We are experiencing global challenges, of which the climate crisis is the most obvious but not the only one. In the fight against climate change, we must not forget the fight against hunger, for clean water, for biodiversity, for education and against poverty. And this is by no means the end of the list of challenges. All of this gives rise to the need for a transformation of the world that we must shape together. The upcoming transformation is a comprehensive change of economy, politics and society.


The implementation of new technologies and innovative practices requires a profound transformation of organizations and processes to bring about the necessary change. All this change will only succeed if it is supported by as many people as possible. 


Research plays a critical role in supporting this transformation. The scientific results from research form the foundation for understanding the challenges and identifying possible solutions. By making these findings available, the research sector can act as an accelerator for the business sector, especially through interdisciplinary collaboration and independence in research.


In this regard, the Global Society Institute is a bridge builder between society, business and politics. It integrates sustainable transformation issues into society and supports companies that are credibly committed to sustainable change. It develops acceptance strategies with collateral benefits for companies and society in order to achieve broader acceptance of the necessary changes. Implementation support for transformation projects is a central task. It involves balancing individual and collective benefits to shape change in a way that meets the needs of both individuals and society as a whole. As such, transformation projects in business provide a critical lever for responding to the global challenges of our time and promoting sustainable change. 


The transformation projects initiated at the Global Society Institute promote one or more of the 17 SDGs and make an active contribution to shaping a sustainable global society.

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