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Counteracting global deforestation with AI

Counteracting global deforestation with AI
Counteracting global deforestation with AI

The global society has gained a new tool in the fight against deforestation: Atlai. This artificial intelligence-based platform is designed for monitoring and counteracting deforestation worldwide, offering all stakeholders access to current and reliable data on logging. This collaborative effort aims to make our world greener.

Atlai serves a wide range of users. Governments can develop and implement effective forest protection strategies and ensure transparency and accountability in forest resource management. Non-governmental organizations can use Atlai to raise public awareness about deforestation issues and mobilize efforts to protect forest ecosystems. For businesses, Atlai presents an opportunity to reduce risks associated with deforestation-related activities and to adopt sustainable business practices. The general public gains access to accurate information about the state of forests and can engage in forest conservation initiatives.

This tool enables real-time tracking of changes in forest areas, provides detailed information about the scope and dynamics of deforestation, allows for the visualization of data on interactive maps and dashboards, and facilitates the automatic generation of reports. Atlai empowers the global society to unite in the effort to create a greener and more sustainable future for our planet.



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