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The World Systemic Forum

The World Systemic Forum
The World Systemic Forum

The World Systemic Forum (WSF), organized by The System Change Foundation, took place in Flums, Switzerland at THE HUS mountain on January 12 and 13. This unique event sought to unite individuals from diverse fields to confront and address global challenges collaboratively.


Set against the distinctive backdrop of THE HUS mountain, the forum provided a space for open, in-depth discussions. The atmosphere was one of openness and integrity, creating an environment where no question was left unasked, fostering genuine exchanges of ideas and perspectives. This setting was essential for tackling some of the most pressing and complex issues of our times.


The forum featured a wide range of topics, including Inspired Learning, Exponential Intelligence, Accessibility of Data, Nature Capital, New Culture Contexts, Blended Finance, Earth & Space, Female Wealth Owners, and Spirituality & Leadership. These diverse themes underscored the forum's commitment to exploring innovative and holistic approaches to systemic change. It emphasized the importance of viewing problems from various angles and considering multiple solutions.


Discussions and panels, led by experts and thought leaders, welcomed challenging questions and encouraged open dialogue. This approach highlighted the need for collaborative efforts across different disciplines and generations to address global challenges effectively.

One of the main objectives of the WSF was to inspire attendees to rethink their approach to global challenges. This goal was evident in how the forum encouraged connections across disciplines, fostering collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and ideas. The emphasis on collaborative efforts acknowledged that solving complex global problems requires a collective approach, blending wisdom and action from various sources.




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