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A novel software-based tool for finding relevant information about chemical compounds.

Developed in collaboration with ValueData GmbH, ChemCrawler utilizes publicly available data in order to provide information on the most common isomers for a given molecular formula. In addition, it provides a selection of abstracts of relevant publications related to these isomers, enabling a fast and convenient analysis of their potential pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications. To initiate a search, the user enters a molecular formula, which is then fed into an algorithm systematically searching for relevant data in the open-access databases. Once all relevant information has been collected, a concise report consisting of each isomer and its respective references is generated and made available via the web interface. By clicking on one of the references provided, the user is redirected to the original data source for further information. At the present time, ChemCrawler is available for internal use only. However, access to this service may be expanded upon further interest in the scientific community.

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