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Unlocking the pharmaceutical potential of marine dissolved organic matter.

Based on the discovery of novel ways to counteract the side effects of population ageing and the emergence of new diseases and multiresistant microbes, the overall goal of pharmaDOM is the proof of principle of the pharmaceutical potential of one of the largest reservoirs of organic material on Earth: the recalcitrant marine dissolved organic matter (RDOM) pool. Unlike the largest exploited organic carbon pools, petroleum and coal, the potential of this DOM pool has never been explored. In pharmaDOM, extensive bioactivity tests and fractionation steps will be executed and the molecular drivers behind the RDOM bioactivity will be elucidated. With the combination of cutting-edge techniques in molecular analytical chemistry for complex natural mixtures, pharmaceutics and marine biotechnology, a pharmaceutical pipeline will be straightforwardly developed, together with the short-term implementation of RDOM into cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals.

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